Topic: Home/Office Security

To Catch A Burglar

Living in Glossop I know that homes get burgled nearby and that burglars often re-offend, I also know that many places that do have an burglar break in and steal things has little or no security systems to protect that home. Break-ins happen in Glossop and the burglar can often leave without leaving enough evidence to be identified and caught, leaving them to re-offend.

Just because it isn’t my home that has been burgled, I can still be annoyed that people don’t have sufficient systems in place to help identify and catch burglars and other intruders. Should somebody in Glossop have an alarm system, it is often just an audible only alarm that scares off the would-be thief without identifying them.

CCTV In Buxton

Buxton is a lovely spa town in rural England, gateway to the Peak District, home of Buxton Water and, unsurprisingly, Buxton Opera House. Towns such as Buxton are a pleasure to live in, friendly environment and a sense of community. All of these things may make you think that your home is safe and secure and there’s not a hint of trouble in Buxton, but you’d be wrong.

Security Tips For Your Home

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”

A common phrase that applies to many places and situations. Home security might seem like an obvious place that this proverb applies, but it applies in more than one form.

The Power of Wireless CCTV

Security systems often include some form of CCTV camera system; classic versions of the type of security would have the video footage sent to a recording device and a bank of screens to view the picture over in real time. Modern systems have the option to utilise a wireless CCTV camera system that can transmit your security footage to anywhere with internet connectivity, allowing you to view your secure property from your computer or mobile device.

CCTV installer in Stockport

Stockport, although a town, is a very busy and industrious area; a large area of affordable housing surrounding a bustling shopping district that’s just a stone’s throw from Manchester. Most of these factors all point to a potential for serious crimes, people travelling around looking for homes to break into and things to steal. A CCTV installer in Stockport will help protect your home and belongings.

Social Media Security

“Be careful what you post on social media” doesn’t just apply to saying something offensive; it could end in your home being burgled!

The world of social media is a vast one, well past sharing images with one another, social media is often used to track your whereabouts and your scheduled plans; great for keeping up with your friends but not so great for the security of your home.