Social Media Security

“Be careful what you post on social media” doesn’t just apply to saying something offensive; it could end in your home being burgled!

The world of social media is a vast one, well past sharing images with one another, social media is often used to track your whereabouts and your scheduled plans; great for keeping up with your friends but not so great for the security of your home.

Many burglars have turned to the internet, social networks such as facebook and twitter for news of homeowners planning some time away from their valuables. Posting to facebook that your home will be empty for the next 2 weeks is a huge advantage to would-be thieves, letting them know that they can plan and attempt their break-in whenever they want to without fear of coming face to face with the homeowner.

There’s more to it than signalling your absence, often burglars will look through any photos that you have made public to see signs of valuables and anything worth taking from your home. Posting a photo publicly of your brand new super high definition TV is like ringing the dinner bell.

If you do insist on uploading your whereabouts or shiny new purchases, make sure you know who will be able to see your posts, or you might end up losing something you care about.