‘Which?’ Burglar Alarm Is Right For You?

Which burglar alarm is right for you? Luckily Which? have written a great article about different types of alarm systems, their pros and their cons. Although the article is a little old, the fundamentals of what they are saying is still extremely relevant today.

The article talks about the differences between wired and wireless systems, bells-only alarms and why it might not be the best fit for you, tips for maintaining your alarm and the different ways to monitor your system.

46% of Which? members who have a burglar alarm have a bells-only one

A bells-only alarm is a cheaper system to get but there’s no real guarantee that your alarm will fulfil its duty completely. Bells-only alarms rely on the noise generated by the alarm being tripped to scare off intruders, draw attention to your property and, in the best case scenario, prompt a neighbour to call the police.
Sometimes these alarms get installed in an area where the noise will not be noticed as strongly and a lack of neighbourhood community means that people are less likely to call the authorities on your behalf.
Make sure that you choose the right type of security system to make your burglar alarm as effective as it can be.

Maintaining your burglar alarm is a great point that Which? bring up, often I see alarms installed on homes that look like they haven’t been used or taken care of in years. According to Which?, only “35% of Which? members with a burglar alarm have their alarm maintained”.
Often having your alarm system regularly and professionally maintained is a requirement of insurance contracts as well as external monitoring services.

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Or if you’d like to give the full Which? article a read, you can find it here.