What’s the best security system to have?

People often ask what security system they should have installed to protect their home or business. Should they get a basic motion sensor setup to track if somebody is in the room and activate the alarm system if it is armed, or should they go for something more advanced such as window vibration sensors?

My answer is that it is always best to have multiple systems, every system is bound to have its drawbacks and faults and many of these systems were designed to be used in conjunction with other security measures. If a burglar attempts to break in through a window, door contacts are unlikely to detect the break in but your window vibration sensors and glass breaking detectors will be triggered and thus set off the alarm, either to contact the authorities or to deter the intruder from going any further.

Eurolink Security offer a wide range of different intruder detectors and sensors that, when used together, create an extremely secure location.

Having a complex security system is all well and good for catching and deterring intruders and burglars, but it’s no good if you set it off every time you sneeze. Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? The systems that we install are built to let you access your property through various methods.
We offer alarm panels that can be accessed via your computer or smartphone to disable or enable your alarm system should you forget to arm it as you leave, as well as multiple code systems that allow partial access to a system, perfect for letting another person access your property or disarming part of your system while leaving other parts active.

Lastly, our stylish external siren will let your would-be intruders know that your property is secured by a highly rated security systems installer using excellent security innovations from top security companies.

For more information about our various intruder alarm systems, check out our Intruder Alarm page or call 07500 684133