The Cat (Or Dog) Burglar – advice for pet owners

A lot of home security systems have Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors installed around the home to detect movement in the house. PIR detectors are a very effective method of detection, especially if a burglar or intruder has found a way into your home that has not set off any of the initial alarms, such as when you forget to lock a window.

The downside of these motion detectors, they generally detect motion. Anytime your pet whether it be your dog or cat walks past these detectors while they’re active it’s likely to set off a false alarm. Not only is that annoying for you, your pets and your neighbours but it also calls to mind The Boy Who Cried Wolf. However, all is not lost. There are methods that we use, as professional security system installers, that allow us to install pet friendly PIR sensors as part of a home security system in homes with pets.

If you have put off having a secure system installed in your home because you have pets, the answer is simple – call the professionals. Years of experience with security systems of all types means that Eurolink Security know the best ways to secure your home, so call today 07500 684133.