Shoplifting in Glossop Increases

According to a report from Derbyshire Constabulary, the past few weeks has seen a rise in crime on Glossop’s streets. Police in Glossop have noticed a rise in shoplifting on the streets of the High Peak town. In an effort to crack down on this increase in crime, Glossop police will be using plain-clothes officers in an attempt to stop this increase of thefts.

The best way to take your shop security into your own hands, before the issue gets bad enough that the police increase their efforts on the matter, Glossop shops should be installing better security systems to help monitor their property more effectively.

Many small town shops have security systems installed on their premises, however these systems are often extremely old and out-dated. Getting a new system installed with Eurolink Security would allow Glossop shops to get a clearer picture of their interiors with updated CCTV camera systems as well as dissuade potential shoplifters from attempting a crime based on the fact they are more likely to be caught by a more up to date system.

Keeping your security system up to date is a key part of keeping your shop secure in Glossop. Call Eurolink Security today to see what we can do to increase your shop’s security: 07500 684133