Super Sprinkler Systems

Fire alarms (different to smoke detectors) are more often associated with commercial properties, sprinkler systems and emergency fire alarm panels throughout the building. However, many of these systems are also extremely beneficial to domestic homes.

A lot of home owners rely solely on smoke detectors to protect their home from fire; it’s becoming more common lately for domestic home owners to have sprinkler systems and other fire alarm systems installed in their homes.

When a fire happens, smoke detectors only warn of the fire and are designed to give you time to escape the premises and call the fire service. During this time, the fire will continue to destroy your home and continue to grow, occasionally to an unmanageable size that even a full fire crew cannot contain until most of your home is destroyed. Sprinkler systems are designed to extinguish the fire early, targeting the water at the fire with much less water than the fire brigade is likely to be using. This results in less water damage and the minimum amount of fire damage.

Sprinkler systems are connected to intelligent fire alarm systems that target only the areas that fire is detected in. As well as attempting to put out the fire immediately, the system will sound an alarm to alert you to the danger as well as the ability to have your system monitored externally. If your system is externally monitored, the service will alert the required authorities immediately.

Every second counts when a fire starts in your home, don’t just sit by and watch your home burn while you wait for 999, let your domestic sprinkler system tackle the fire immediately.